lunedì 30 maggio 2011

Sweet 18

GUYSSSSSSSS!!! I only have to say THANKS: to my family, to my friends, to everybody, because I had an AMAZING PARTY, because I had 18 AMAZING YEARS, and above all, because I am a life lover, and that's all thanks to YOU.

RAGAZZIIIII! Devo solo dire GRAZIE: alla mia famiglia, ai miei amici, a tutti, perchè ho avuto una FESTA STUPENDA, perchè ho avuto 18 ANNI STUPENDI, e, soprattutto, perchè sono un'amante della vita, e questo è tutto grazie a VOI.

I Love you <3

Me and one of my best friends, Chiara.. so sweet!

Me, leaving from home!

Me and my sister, L :)

(Me and V from The Otherside, and M from The Fashion Smarties) and our lovely C <3

Me and M (twice!) :)

I was wearing:
Twin Set by Simona Barbieri pink dress
Twin Set by Simona Barbieri silver-grey shawl
Handmade leather pochette
Steve Madden beige sandals
Chanel Le Vernis 505 Particuliere

8 commenti:

  1. The dress is so sweet and I love the original cake you had :)Happy birthday xoxo

  2. You looked so amazing! Seems like you had a great birthday party :) Happy late birthday!


  3. YOU LOOK AMAZING WITH THAT PINK PALE DRESS....but.... i love the nails colour more than anything haha <3
    follow you! :)

  4. Oh Happy happy 18th Birthday! I'm glad you had a wonderful time celebrating your special day! You look so pretty and happy!

  5. looks like you had a great time. your dress is really cute!

  6. tanti auguri!
    e grazie x il vostro commento!!

    adoro il vostro blog :)