domenica 22 maggio 2011

My Dutch Shopping!

Kalver Straat was one of the best Shopping Street I've ever been.
Me and mom bought just SUCH A LOT of stuff, and I decided to put there the clothes that I loved the most, in order to let you know the style that I prefer.. One of the things that I really liked about Dutch Fashion is that everyone seems to dress in a different way, with their own style, that reminded me of New York, and so it was funny having shopping there!
Enjoy ;)

Kalver Straat era una delle vie di Shopping più belle dove io sia mai stata..
Io e mamma abbiamo comprato tipo UN SACCO di roba, e quindi ho deciso di mettere sono i vestiti che mi piaccioni di più, in modo da farvi capire qual è lo stile che preferisco..
Una delle cose che mi è piaciuta di più dello Shopping Olandese è che ognuno sembra avere un suo stile particolare, vestire in modo proprio, e questo mi ha ricordato di New York, quindi è stato davvero bello fare acquisti lì!
Divertitevi ;)

Pink striped shirt by The Second Female
(Stripes are just SO in vogue this Spring, and I love them)

Beige sandals by Steve Madden
(I'm gonna wear them for my birthday, I've finally found them!!!!!)

 Make up stuff by Lancome, Chanel and Clarins
(I was running out of almost everything!)

 AMAZING brown dress by Tony Cohen (his shop was ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID) that I wore for my desk mate birthday party :)

 Francesine by Manfield
(I've been wanting them so long, they're lovely!)

 Travel - bag by Longchamp
(It's my third, but they're really comfortable to travel so I really can't resist to buy one of them in every airport! In addiction, I loved this color :) )

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  1. The shoes absolutely fantastic.Looks like you had a great shopping spree :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3
    I love the shoes you got and the cut on that brown dress, super pretty!

  3. thank you for your comment!
    I like your blog to (:

  4. Loving the brogues, and the Steve Madden sandals too of course :)


  5. Thank you for your comment *

    I really like this blog and those beautiful things)

  6. ciao!! grazie per il commento :DD
    ti seguo :DD
    tuo blog e molto motlo bello!!
    baci <3

  7. I should seriously invest in Longchamp bag. I think I want it for my BDay! The heels are so perfect - want them too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! X