lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

Tell the world that I'm coming Home.

Hey Guyss! Here's something about me, my home life, and how I like to organize my stuff! I hope you'll enjoy! :)

Here's my mannequin, that helps me chosing how to get dresses..

                 ..but I must admitt it: I also use bed to chose clothes!
This is my jewellery, that is kinda messy right now, so let me apologize! :)

Something I couldn't live without: my makeup stuff, my perfume, Dior Addict, and my favourite Chanel's colours: Paradoxal, Particulière and Vendetta.

These are essential for every girl in the world: BECAUSE IN VOGUE WE TRUST!

 I really like Japanese culture, and so here the food that I love the most: Sushi!

The contents of my bag: phone, iPod, a book, my heart-shaped make-up bag, sun glasses, my Moleskine and my wallet!

Thank so much you Guys for visiting!! 

Glasses: RayBan
Boots: UGG (Australia)
T-Shirt: Happiness (London)
Bag: Artsy by Louis Vuitton

9 commenti:

  1. SUSHI <3
    Cioè il manichino è qualcosa di favoloso ahah gli smalti e la Louis Vouitton pure!! *.*

  2. Grazie Meeeeeegggggg!!!! :)
    Ho imparato dalla migliore (V), perchè io sono proprio impeditissima!

  3. answer:yes, I love them too;)!

  4. Like the post ;)

    You have very good pieces and stuff!

    xoxo F.

  5. love the red cape!
    thank you for the comment on my blog!

  6. Nelle prime foto sembri una modella di American Apparel!

    love u! M.

  7. Love the LV bag!

    Kisses from

  8. Thank you for the comment on my blog & i'm in love with that shirt!